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Things to do on Kos Island
Note:- Some activities in Tourist Season only

Bird Watching and Wildlife

Kos Island is a favorite destination for Bird Watching. Flamingos may be seen Nov to June.

A large number of species of birds have been seen on Kos Island, many of them stopping in the Spring as they migrate from the East and the South. Click here for Kos Bird Forum (Opus)

Several species of Tortoises and Turtles are found on the Island. Spur Thighed Tortoises are very common in many parts of the Island. Balkan Terrapins (and American Red-Eared Sliders) may be seen at the Duck Pond and Loggerhead Sea Turtles are said to nest near the Alykes next to Tingaki among other areas.
Nesting and hatching normally occurs at night. Turtles seen leaving the sea to nest should not be approached as they may head back to the sea.

Starred Agama Lizards (pictured above) are extremely common on the Island and may be seen at many of the Archaeological sites. Click here for more information about the Reptiles of Kos island

Pictured above is an amazing Praying Mantis found on Kos and a Hedgehog is pictured below.

Pictured below is a Levant Water Frog

Several species of amphibians are found on Kos Island,

Click here for more info about Amphibians of Kos Island

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